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An Entirely New Kind of Maserati: The Grecale SUV

The all-new Maserati Grecale is kicking off a new era for Maserati. This brand is known for naming its vehicles after some of the strongest winds in the world, and it continues this tradition in the Grecale. Known as a strong wind of the Mediterranean that blows northeast, the Grecale SUV from Maserati embodies the majesty of this natural phenomenon. To further create a persona that is simply unmatched by any competitors in its class, the new Maserati Grecale is making waves for its unwavering performance, innovative tech, and a natural desire to be the best. This compact luxury SUV is a part of Maserati's goal to add 10 all-new or completely overhauled SUV models by the year 2023.

Performance Expectations

Our expectation of the new Maserati Grecale is that it will be appreciated by the masses. Catering to a wide base of clientele in the Philadelphia area, the Grecale is practical enough to be used daily, yet, it is exceptional enough to make a scene wherever it goes. Certainly, under the hood of this luxury SUV, you will find powertrain components that stand out from all others. An all-electric, hybrid, and gasoline version are expected to be available in the new Grecale release, catering to the needs of every type of driver. A 2.0-liter I4 engine stands a good chance to become the entry-level engine for the new Maserati Grecale.


It is also expected that an eight-speed automatic transmission and a choice between rear-wheel or all-wheel drive will appear in this new high-class SUV. Our anticipation of the power to be expected in the new Maserati Grecale also allows us to hope for a turbocharged V6 upgrade, which will allow it to compete on solid footing with its luxury SUV rivals. No matter what is under the hood of this new SUV, Maserati models are known for their refined performance and developed power, so we know good things are to come from their newest Grecale release.

Safety Feature Standards

When it comes to safety feature implementation, we can only speculate what this compact luxury SUV model may have to offer. Following the trend of other SUV models from this automaker, we expect the Grecale to be equipped with several standard safety features, as well as modern driver-assistive safety technology.


Forward-collision warning and automatic emergency braking are expected to be made standard in this SUV's realm of safety amenity offerings, which follows the trend of safety feature enhancements of other models in this brand's lineup. We expect to find blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert, and adaptive cruise control be made available as upgrades, at the least. Maserati models never fail in offering us new and exciting amenities, so we can only assume these safety features will be further advanced in the release of the newest Grecale SUV.

Technology Integration

Every luxury SUV has a standard set of technology features they include as standard, which seems to be the norm for this specific market segment. A touchscreen infotainment setup that allows drivers to effortlessly change radio stations, answer calls hands-free, and provide some type of navigation or app integration is to be expected. Not to mention, modern connectivity features such as Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ will likely be found in this luxury repertoire of tech features. Other app connectivity may also make its appearance, which we are excited to discover when the Grecale is released in the Philadelphia area.


Wireless charging and a premium audio system are also expected to be made available as upgrades. Of course, some trim levels may offer these upscale features, but that isn't always the case. In any manner, we at least expect them to make their appearance on Maserati's Grecale's list of available tech enhancements.

Design Elements

Maserati vehicles are known worldwide for perfectly balancing luxury and performance, and we don't foresee the new Maserati Grecale being any different in this aspect. Its exterior design is sure to turn heads, as Maserati knows what it takes to make their vehicles both beautiful and practical. Not much has been released yet about its exterior aesthetic. However, to offer shoppers from the Philadelphia area and beyond the beauty and style they associate with Maserati, we expect only the best exterior elements and accents to be included in the outward aesthetic of the new release of the all-new Grecale.

While we also don't know exactly what to expect from the interior design of the Grecale SUV, we can go off of what we know about other Maserati models. Rich materials, upscale amenities, mixed tones, and contrasting colors will likely be included in this SUV's cabin design, which will give it a prestigious and bold appearance. Comfort and cargo space will also be at the forefront of the Grecale's interior design.

Reach Out to Maserati of the Main Line for More Information on the New Maserati Grecale

If you are already excited about the release of the new Maserati Grecale later this year, you can sign up to hear more about it as soon as it is available in the Philadelphia area. This compact luxury SUV will surely be the vision of luxury and class in a practical and versatile layout. The Maserati brand offers only the best to their customers, so we can only imagine what all they have in store for us in the new Maserati Grecale luxury SUV coming soon to the Main Line.

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