Paint Protection Film Installation & Ceramic Coating in Philadelphia

Paint Protection and Ceramic Coating Installation in Philadelphia

Here at Maserati of the Main Line, we're passionate about providing super car enthusiasts with the perfect mix of new & pre-owned exotic and luxury vehicles plus financing and service to match. We take great pride in our selection of vehicles and very much enjoy our ability to offer everyone in and around Philadelphia with the right car for their unique needs. We also get satisfaction from helping customers with their long-term ownership needs, including car care.

Keeping Your Car Pristine

Regular detailing helps to make sure your vehicle's paint and exterior surfaces are adequately protected, not to mention clean, shiny, and defect-free. But we also offer a few alternative car care solutions that may ease your mind somewhat: our paint protection film and ceramic coating options provided through RDS Paint Protection.

Paint Protection Film

The experts at RDS Paint Protection know a thing or two about safeguarding super car paint. Their paint protection film is one of your best options for keeping the paint on your Maserati pristine and shiny for years to come.

The paint protection film is actually composed of a clear polyurethane that helps protect against dings, chips, acid or bird-dropping related etchings, scratches and more commonly associated with everyday driving. Paint protection films like those RDS offers provided by Xpel or Suntek are available in a variety of coverage packages to cover areas like your vehicle's front bumper, front hook, mirror caps, rocker panels, A-pillars, and more.

Ceramic Car Coating

What's perhaps less costly and time-consuming to apply than a paint protection film but more protective and permanent than your standard wax or sealant? A liquid nanoceramic car coating!

Ceramic car coatings like those made available by the experts at RDS Paint Protection and provided through us here at Maserati of the Main Line are applied to your vehicle's paint, then cure and bond to the vehicle surface, providing long-lasting protection from many of the same elements that a paint protection film safeguard against.

Ceramic car coatings can only be removed by intentional buffing or wet sanding, meaning they last years to come. They also make it easier to maintain the finish of your paint and provide hydrophobic properties.

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Interested in learning more about the car care options we provide here at Maserati of the Main Line, both directly and through RDS Paint Protection? Contact us online or by phone to explore your Maserati car care and paint protection options in greater depth! Don't hesitate to visit our dealership in-person either if you have any additional questions. We can't wait to help you with your varied car care needs.

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